Viva Italia! Glebe Montessori Goes International!

 La Certosa Madeleine by Madeleine Klebanoff-O’Brien

Art pieces created by students of Glebe Montessori School were exhibited in an extraordinary setting this summer. The 2012 International Arts Festival held in Capri, Italy,   featured an eclectic mix of jazz, literature, classical music, film, archeology and art works by GMS students in Grades 4-6. ( The site of the festival is the stunning Certosa di San Giacomo, a 14th century

monastery now used as a venue for concerts, lectures, art exhibits and other events.  Friends of the Certosa di Capri, an international association of charitable organizations dedicated to the restoration, preservation and support of the monastery, organized the event.  Dr. Carla Bonora Cianciaruso of Ottawa, President of the Friends of Certosa, Canada, and president of GMS’s Parent Association, helped to facilitate GMS’s participation.

“The arts festival was a unique opportunity for our students,” said GMS founding director Dijana Bate. “Whenever possible, we promote internationalism and cultural exchange. Further, GMS students and their families already share a meaningful connection to Italy through their commitment to Maria Montessori and her educational principles. Dr. Montessori, who was twice nominated for the Nobel Peace prize, based her pedagogy on internationalism and humanitarianism.

“The students’ art exhibit, entitled, The Geometry of Art and Architecture: A View on Certosa di San Giacomo, relates to the students’ extensive study of The Story of Geometry, in relation to history, geography, science, art, architecture, and mathematics. These integrated studies are reflected in the students’ artistic compositions, which incorporate abstract geometric and architectural forms.

“Students welcomed the chance to explore Italy’s rich history and culture and inspire others with their own artistic contributions. Many students took the initiative to conduct and present research projects on Italy, and everyone enjoyed the art and architecture workshops focusing on Certosa di San Giacomo.”

The students’ artwork will be on display at the Visitor’s Open House, held at GMS on Tuesday, OCTOBER 9th from 6:30 to  7:30 pm,. We hope you can join us for this special exhibit and learn more about our philosophy and programming at GMS.