Our First Week at GMS!

We’re delighted to see new and returning children enter GMS with smiling eyes, which even their masks can’t hide.  Once they have said their difficult goodbyes to parents, the hum of children actively engaged in lessons, working with Montessori materials, and socializing with classmates can be heard in classrooms throughout the school.

We are so proud of all our students– toddlers, casa and elementary! The children are adjusting with such grace and a positive attitude toward the new protocols and changes in the school environment due to the Covid-19 policies and regulations. Hands are washed regularly, and face masks are kept on while casa and elementary students are indoors. Even the 3 year-olds are keen to wear masks, some quite innovative, featuring cats’ noses and whiskers or mighty dinosaurs! In classrooms, each child has a designated workspace, with class supplies provided for individual use only. Montessori materials never fail to spark the children’s interest while engaging them in “hands on” learning.  Once they have finished working with specific materials, students responsibly return each item to a central station to be disinfected for another classmate to use.  

Every effort is being made to keep our children physically safe, with separate cohort groupings, physical distancing, masks, frequent handwashing, routine disinfection of the physical environment, plexiglass partitions in elementary classes, air-purifiers and round-the-clock janitorial services. Lessons and activities take place outside as much as possible, so children can get lots of fresh air while weather permits.

Our staff continues to focus on supporting our children emotionally, making sure their individual needs and voices are constantly heard and acknowledged. Even with physical distancing, the community spirit within each classroom and our school remains strong. “Taking Care of Each Other,” is the theme we are highlighting this year. Through practicing kindness, responsibility, empathy, integrity, respectfulness, cooperation and fairness, we are imparting to students those qualities and actions with which we can best support one another.