Glebe Montessori School students presented their artwork in an exhibition entitled Freedom: A Child’s Dream at the Certosa di San Giacomo in Capri, Italy, in conjunction with the photo exhibition Freedom Fighters: The Kennedys and the Struggle for Civil Rights. The opening of this exhibition was held on July 18, 2015, with the participation of Fawn Wilson White, C.M. International Chairman, Amici della Certosa di San Giacomo, Capri and Kerry Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Europe. Along with GMS students, Capri and Belgian students and internally displaced Syrian and Iraqi refugee children participated in the exhibition.

The human rights issues raised by the exhibition paralleled GMS students’ exploration on topics of human rights for children. Their artworks illustrate what they learned and the messages they wished to convey.


We are delighted to announce that Glebe Montessori School (GMS) is celebrating its 20th anniversary this academic year! GMS’ reputation for its high standards and child-centered learning, offering the best in a Montessori education for students of toddler age through Grade Six, is a testament to its success and longevity! Scientific evidence today continues to validate Dr. Montessori’s discoveries and philosophy.  We thank the vast number of families who have valued a Montessori education at GMS for their children during the past 20 years.

GMS will open its doors to current and former students and their families, and the general public on Friday, June 10th from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. to celebrate this landmark. The independent film, “Freedom: A Child’s Dream,” produced by senior students will be premiered. Innovative projects prepared by our junior students, classroom tours, an international art exhibit and a silent auction in support of refugees sponsorship organization FACES will highlight this evening.  Chef Scott Adams’ culinary delights will no doubt add flavour to the occasion.

GMS staff and students look forward to hosting this community event at Glebe Montessori School, 650 Lyon St. South, Ottawa and hope to see you there! Please contact us if you have further questions at 613.237.3824.




The Dark Side of Sleep

By Dijana Bate, Glebe Montessori School Founding Director

A wealth of information is being brought to our attention as modern technology is further unveiling the mystery of sleep. Chronic and intermittent sleep disorders affect millions and are linked to depression, hypertension, digestive problems, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, lowered immune system and countless other medical conditions. Sleep problems can result from various factors, ranging from excess light exposure and modern pervasive electronic devices distracting us from sleep to physical, medical and psychiatric issues. Even one hour less of sleep ostensibly takes a toll on us. New studies reveal that the cumulative effects of sleep deprivation – or “sleep debt” – causing changes in brain activity and increased stress hormone levels cannot easily be reversed with extra sleep later.



By Dijana Bate, Founding Director of Glebe Montessori School

While nearly every aspect of our lives is changing, our current education system, for the most part, remains stagnant and is “at risk”, according to Harvard Innovation Education Fellow Dr. Tony Wagner. “Our schooling culture has turned us into “compliance-driven, good little consumers of information– a passive learning model. Innovative learning cultures are cross-disciplinary and teach about creating, not consuming.”


A Montessori program is based on self-direction, non-competitive and cooperative activities that help a child develop a strong self-image, high levels of academic and social competence, and the confidence to face challenges with optimism. Encouraged to make decisions at an early age, Montessori educated children are problem-solvers who can make appropriate choices, manage their time, and work well with others.