Glebe Montessori School Highlights for January and February

GMS takes this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy New year!

Our Senior Elementary students enjoyed a day of Skiing at Ski Vorlage this week. The weather and ski conditions were perfect and the students had a very enjoyable day. Two more ski-days are planned for January and February!

The Museum of Science and Technology will welcome our Senior Elementary and Casa students over the next few weeks. Senior Elementary students look forward to creating a complex chain-reaction machine, using familiar materials in unusual ways and casa children will discover how daily and seasonal cycles of the earth affect everyday life.

The junior elementary students’ field trip will take them to Ottawa’s beautiful National Art Gallery. Students will explore Inuit prints, and printmaking, as they prepare to create their own printing plates and prints in the studio.

Parents will enjoy a coffee or tea and treats when they browse through the many wonderful books on display at the GMS Scholastic Book Fair Café next month. Proceeds will go toward purchasing books for the classes.

Winter is here and GMS is bustling with activity!