Creative chefs at Glebe Montessori School

For the culinary novice or aficionado, Glebe Montessori School’s cooking classes delight everyone’s gastronomic senses!  Under the imaginative direction of Chef Scott Adams, owner of The French Baker in The Glebe and master chef at Benny Bistro’s in the Byward Market, students ages 6 to 12 have a grand time creating delicious chefs-d’œuvre and gain culinary expertise for a lifetime!

chef scotChef Scott shares his passion for artisanal cooking, sourcing seasonal foods from local growers and distributors. Students learn to whip up delectable dishes that are easy to prepare at home and establish healthy eating habits. Chef Scott not only teaches the art and ergonomics of cooking, but also chemistry! He transforms GMS’s kitchen into a science lab and invites our gastroscientists to experiment with ingredients, combinations, flavours and recipes.

Cooking is all about chemical reactions, and science is key to figuring out why we have failures and successes in the kitchen! It’s also no surprise that our students develop a taste for eclectic foods with irresistible recipes such as mango-cilantro guacamole, gnocchi and chocolate éclairs with crème chantilly! Chef Scott and his junior chefs experience a wonderful sense of camaraderie in our kitchen, welcoming new challenges, delegating tasks and expanding their culinary skills.

Register your child now for Chef Scott’s unique cooking classes, offered on Tuesdays or Thursdays at GMS, 650 Lyon St. South. Pick up service by GMS staff is available for students from Mutchmor, First Avenue and Corpus Christi schools. Please contact GMS reception at 613.237.3824 for more information.