GMS Bursts into Spring!

Spring is finally here and GMS is bustling with activity!

The Senior Elementary class went to the Montreal area on Wednesday for a two-day adventure at the Space Camp in Laval. This sts-097-kidstation-eva-cartoon overnight adventure offered the seniors a unique educational experience designed to stimulate students’ interest in space science and complement their studies on science in general.

Meanwhile, the  junior elementary students exhibited their innovative projects at their annual Academic Fair, June 7, 3-4pm. Their parents, siblings and students visited the exhibits.

Usborne Book Fair

The Book Fair on May 24 had many wonderful books on display! Proceeds went toward purchasing books for the GMS library.

GMS End-of-Year picnic

picnic-basket-cartoonA special lunch prepared by Chef Scott gave us an opportunity to socialize with other families on June 20. GMS’s Charity Team (third year junior elementary and all senior elementary students) organized various activities for the day.